The Vegetarian Project


Hello all you lovely lot,
So as you know from my previous posts I have been making some life changes, and It doesn’t end there;
My lovely friend is a semi-vegetarian only eats eggs and fish, but now has a vegan book and cutting out the eggs.
I lately had become bored of meat and feel that when I was younger, only meat I ate was fish and chicken.
But lately, I feel, I guess guilty about eating animals. I’m slowly thinking that if I cut meat out and go vegan and eat cleaner my mind will be less clouded and I would feel so much more healthy.
Only way I can get knowledge and more insight is Pinterest if you have this and Vegan/ Vegetarian, please join on my Vegan Project board
and also youtube for shopping tips and information, for me to do this I will need to know my facts and what is best to buy product wise, I have recently found that Ladybug doesn’t mix to well with Dairy so to make it easy life style change for her and the fact she barely eats meat anymore I think if I follow her footsteps and see positive ways to put nutrients into her body and re-balance my body; I will explain lately I have become more into meditating and hypnosis, a clear body would lead to a clear mind, and healthier positive energy will flow fully, yes looking into chakras and spirituality,
This doesn’t mean in a nut I am just trying to be more in tune with myself of late.
I will defiantly have to look up lunch box ideas for when I’m at college and placement all week;
I’m waiting for the ink to come in the post for the printer and then I’ll be doing a 2-4 week meal planner.
I shall keep you all updated on my findings in due time
have you ever thought of a food change ? if you have have you tried or are you planning?