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#Spookysenses Num Noms

Num Noms  I was recently sent Num Noms Crispy M Mallow Brains recipe to give a try   Num Noms  Very similar to how we made a snack when I was younger so was fun to do this, please ensure that you have all the correct equipment and not improvise as I did, managed to do it but I remained calm and carried on Adding the pink and white marshmallows 200g to a bowl, above a boiling pan of water to help melt, add the 30g of butter when the marshmallow is stringy consistency, take off the heat, adding rice crisps stirring until covered. Get two large bowls and wet hands * must wet hands, and work fast or you will become a melted mess! With damp hands scooping up the mixture making oval shapes, I made around twelve in all, refrigerate and then add the gory details veins in the brain, very zombified Num Noms    inspiration from M. Mallow num nom how darn cute is she? Although what We had wasn’t so sweet! m_mallow What is Num Nom your most favourite? And why? see our Wackybakers Num Noms HERE 

Happy Halloween From Us!

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