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Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live!

Mr Bloom's Nursery Live

MR BLOOM’S NURSERY LIVE! I know a few ladies would be Jealous of my latest visit to the Orchard Theatre, Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live! Mr Bloom is there yes! Ben Faulks, I hear shrieks? Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live

Mr Blooms Nursery Live 

Featuring all the much-loved elements of the TV show, Mr Bloom will be joined by all his gardening friends: Margaret, Joan, Colin, Raymond and Sebastian, the lovable Wee MacGregors, and not forgetting Mr Bloom’s trusty machine ‘The Compostarium’. Come and sing along to all your favourite songs:
  • This Is My Allotment
  • Meet The Veggies
  • The Compo Song 
  • Night-Night Veggies

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what  I thought of Mr Blooms Nursery Live?

I know it isn’t the best sitting they’re watching it on TV over and over again, this is where Theatre makes it so much more fun it’s there on stage for you! 
Using songs, play and interaction Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live is a fun and inspiring show with strong educational values which will entertain parents and tiddlers alike! I loved how Mr Bloom tried to interact with the parents and entertain the children  KK was enjoying it and was sad we had to leave,  A 20-minute interval isn’t the greatest as keeping them entertained with no entertainment A suggestion for children shows it there is an interval entertainer would be fab !
my friend over at NotaPerfectParent gives her review of how they enjoyed it.
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