Microdermabrasion And Sonophoresis Treatment

Microdermabrasion And Sonophoresis Treatment Hear all about my Microdermabrasion And Sonophoresis Treatment  Wow, September just came and flew by in the blink of an eye. And seems to be flying by much the same for the rest of 2015! So with that in mind, I initially had a set of targets for 2015 to which I’m not close to ticking off on my tick list. So October is the start of vlogtober where many YouTubers take on the challenge of vlogging every day for the whole of October. I am hoping to take part in this myself, So kick it off I will blog 1st October Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit down. My skin for some reason has been playing up and feeling oily. so I thought I would treat myself to a salon treatment, the local salon I noticed was opening up so I thought oh I will give it a try. Link Sara’s Hair and beauty salon. Sara is a lovely friendly lady who is originally from Poland. We decide for my skin I needed a good drenching as my skin was thirsty.     So we went for the cavitation peel and sonophoresis facial treatment. At first, my face was cleansed and then a peel was applied to my face, and then the cavitation peel device was placed on my face using electric current it was running along my skin clearing blackheads and any other nasties that needed to move on out hehe. While having the treatment we talked about the education system in the UK and how much different it is to Poland. I myself have taken a course in children and young people’s workforce found this really interesting and was made comfortable.  

Cold Jelly

Microdermabrasion And Sonophoresis Treatment Then a little while after I had dollops of cold jelly-like goo on my face A circular device was used after a while massaged into the skin wow, my face needed a drink!

Thirsty Face 

Felt lovely after and then I had a facial mask for a short time. Then a lovely face massage. Have to say I will definitely be popping back although I need to go to a doctor to find out about skin tags and red vein removal. Aside from that, I can see a couple of other treats I will be returning for. So happy I found this little gem just local as well. She also mentioned about semi-permanent makeup to which I have had, on my eyebrows,   have you had any new treatments done recently? if so please tell me what and I may give it a try. Read here for guest post  Eyeshadow     Please note any links are because I recommend this organisation and is my own personal experience.]]>