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Life changing

Life Changing Hello, there one and all and welcome back to my world! so I started reading this book, which people I know was going on about on social media.

Marie Kondo #konmari the life-changing magic of tidying up.
Life changing Magic of Tidying up
now I have to tell you I was very sceptical at first in starting this process;
I mean reading it is one thing, but then acting on it is an entirely another topic altogether.
Life Changing Konmari Method
The main things that are instructed to collect all items of a category example would be shirts,
put them on the floor or bed and see how much you own.
The next is feel it, how do you feel withholding it? The main thing is “does it spark Joy?”
if yes learn to fold it correctly and thank the Items you wish to discard for their service in
your life and bag it for rubbish, donations or sell.
So there is me crazily getting all my items in one area, and I followed the advice given…
anything that didn’t spark joy is in the piles above.
I looked through youtube for folding techniques and how it is to be placed,
yes follow me with this it sounds crazy BUT
oh my gosh, I have to say when I open up my bedroom draws I love how I can see my clothes it does spark joy.
Be filled with joy
now this is a long process and you can’t expect others to follow but there has been talking of folk
that spouses or children have seen the process of the person following it,
basically most the time it is a woman’s thing, non-sexist but in the group,
we have 1 male that’s just joined,
but anyway, people post photographs of before, during and then wow after,
and then those that have done all the steps have often stated how.
usually, when they have a guest coming to see them or stay
they would be running around trying to clear up and get things organised.
well, they say they sit down to have a coffee bake a cake as everything is clean
and clear and they are no longer ashamed of their homes.

To hear this gives me a massive boost

the problem for me is yes we have become materialistic now, 
Christmas used to be all about family and togetherness, the Joy of Christmas now its all media orientated
and children want what is on the adverts.
I think occasions like this I would like to show KK how making personal gifts that can be used and appreciated.
rather than items that will just be what I call dust collectors.
anyway, I am kind of running way ahead on a tangent…
but truly I think me doing this is changing my outlook on my habits,
when I knew I had to tackle my lingerie section I knew that most or all of it was going to be thrown away,
so I went shopping with the mind or did it make me feel happy? will it make me feel good?
and so I bought them, remember undergarments are to last 6-9 months
and then need to buy new so mine was very much past their use by date.
I cleared out my set of draws next to my bed, overflowing with everything and anything
I mean honestly holey socks? Laddered tights .. then new tight’s that hadn’t been used yet!!
One extreme to another lol but I managed to reduce my three draws and had the bottom draw free
for where I wanted to place my Pajamas which all sit nicely in my draws.
now when I open them they are neat, and I feel much better as it is appealing to the eye.
Have you delved into the world of #konmari #konmariemethod?
I’m also very happy that Marie Kondo on Twitter favourited my tweet