It's beginning to warm up….

I felt like a dress should have been worn today and some sandals, having that in mind I would have to look into my own beauty treatments on the cheap, Today looking around the shops with KK, which was fun and interesting at 7 years old she has been looking at style and this is what she comes up with

There was the choice of a creamy one but she chose this one, Totally fell in love with this denim waistcoat, on the lookout for one myself, and a denim shirt should do myself and mini-me a wish list page, I’ve seen a few on other bloggers pages, think its a good way to look back at fashion, and the changes. Ah to also got little lady a black dress with a belt, see a literally identical one for adults so I thought why not, and got it lol. So I shall be on the lookout for simplistic dresses XoX ]]>