Hello September !

Hello September! Well Hello There September, I must say this year is going oh so quickly. Even more so seeing my little Monkey Grow so fast in front of me, 9 months old such a happy little lady,  KK is now going into year 5 wow so scary she will be a secondary school before I know it!   Hello September! As you see from the last update I have been following Konmari method, you Can read about it HERE visualisation is key and listen to your inner voice and follow your heart. I am so hoping to reduce a lot of materialistic things and really keep what we need and love, eventually, I see myself having more time to make more food from scratch, and possibly my own skincare along the lines of essential oils and scrubs. I am all for Eco-friendly living less waste and being creative, to the other side of things I know KK is sensitive to other people and how they live, an example I shall share with you. we were in our local town centre, I was looking for things for Autumn and winter wear. to name a few the elusive denim jacket, denim shirt, jeggings and leggings, the Chelsea boots and basic wear tops for KK, and also Monkey getting her some lovely items for the new seasons. may have to make a little lookbook style for the girls! eventually, I’d love to do a capsule wardrobe but that’s work in progress how about you? where do you shop for yourselves and little ones? and what is your must have this season ??]]>