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Ghost The Musical [ REVIEW ]


Ghost The Musical Everyone loves a good chick flick and Ghost the movie which starred the late Patrick Swazey and the beautiful Demi Moore. This powerful film when tragedy strikes in one of the worst forms possible the untimely death of a soul mate. Ghost The Musical brings the love Molly and Sam shared with each other  when taken apart is a heart-wrenching ordeal to watch. Sam did not know he isn’t living anymore in his spirit form he befriended a fake psychic, who unbelievably makes her calling and guiding the truth to what happened to Sam that fateful night. Whoopi Goldberg plays this role brilliantly. Seeing these three as a major act to follow, director Bill Kenwright’s role to pick the leading roles is on par with the original cast. Ghost The Musical The scene was set, a beautiful screen with the unchanged melody words inscribed on it, my love my darling. So how Ghost The Musical compare to the movie? The director Bill Kenwright’s kept almost faithful to the film aside from a couple of things which I will say had a massive problem for me. If you have seen Ghost, the iconic moment when unchanged melody starts playing, Molly at the Potters wheel and Sam join for a passionate, romantic scene. I have to admit I was keen to see how they would make this work, whilst Dirty dancing and the bedroom scene was amazing, unfortunately, I was left disappointed at the rushed scene, however, I know this was to fit more into the show. Carolyn Maitland Ghost The Musical Carolyn played a fantastic role in being Molly, the trauma she was going through she portrayed the part fantastically! Now Patrick Swazey is a very hard act to follow, the choice Bill Kenwright made for Sam’s part was a good option, Andy Moss had heart and put a lot of effort into his role; vocals were excellent I was pleasantly surprised at how well Rhys Ashworth from Hollyoaks could sing. Andy Moss Ghost The Musical Then scene two we got to meet Oda Mae Brown, played by Jacqui Dubois, whose shoes are hard to fill, Ms Whoopi Goldberg as always plays fantastically

so how did Ms Jacqui Dubois Compare?

I was dubious at first sceptical even, needless to say, chose well and left most of us in stitches hitting them parts TEN MILLION DOLLARS! Brilliantly done. Ghost the Musical - Jacqui Dubois - cMatt Martin Cole did well for his role, my only problem with this was his death scene it wasn’t as the film the drama of the glass shattering and falling onto him killing him in that blow I was a little disappointed it wasn’t the same. Thoughts on that scene played well aside from the two things, which for me pretty much made the film. The scene from the train and the preparation for Sam to push into the world of the living was a good scene,

was good how he remembered to scream at the train each time it went past. And not forgetting the coin scene which was skipped in the show to prove that Sam was there in the room.

3-5 To rate this show 3/5

for me not living up to my expectations.


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