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Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors Live

errible Tudors by Birmingham Stage Company. Photo by Mark Douet

Horrible Histories Terrible Tudors was a treat! If like me when as a teen enjoyed History?
Especially The Tudor era to be precise. this Era for me was my favourite.

Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors

Bafta-Winning Television

when I started to watch Dartanian and the beautifully detailed clothes, I digress 

I attended The Churchill Theatre in Bromley with my 12-year-old daughter KK, To see the Horrible Histories: Terrible Tudors by author Terry Deary and illustrator Martin Brown.

Horrible Histories has generated a BAFTA-winning television sketch show, a range of toys and games, a magazine and the first feature-length Horrible Histories film is also in the works

Bromley’s Churchill Theatre is currently playing productions of two different Horrible Histories live shows, Terrible Tudors and AWFUL Egyptians.

The setting is a screen in the back which comes more into play in the second half where the 3D special effects start.

Horrible Histories: The Terrible Tudors

A time travel tour of the Terrible Tudors going through the timeline as the three actors.

The rise of the royal line. how religions became Catholic and protestant.

The causes and effect the power Henry Tudor, Henry VIII, had over his six wives.

introducing “Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” song.


Directors – Benedict Martin & Neal Foster
Designer – Jackie Trousdale
Lighting – Jason Taylor
Music – Matthew Scott
Sound – Nick Sagar
Casting – Kay Magson
Production Manager – Adrian Littlejohns
Company Stage Manager – Chris Rooney
Deputy Stage Manager- Amy Clarke
Wardrobe Manager – Timi Baer
Photo by Mark Douet]]>

Terrible Tudors by Birmingham Stage Company. Photo by Mark Douet

added Education includes Anne Boleyn’s eating disorder, Edward, Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth 1.

performances from Simon Nock as Dr Dee, Izaak Cainer as Drab and Lisa Allen as Dross.

We especially liked Drab as his character was mischievous and funny.

I like how they added songs and dances to get the audience involved to remember the six wives of Henry the VII. 

3D Boggle Vision

The second act is in “3D boggle vision”. which draws the audience into the action of battles, jailbreaks, and even an execution

The 3D experience makes you feel like you are actually there.  With flying missiles, fireworks and boats sailing into the audience. 

I would recommend this show to anyone with school-age children.

if learning from a book and just reading isn’t helping you remember for SATs or Exams you may find it helps with visuals.

To book the show Churchill Theatre Bromley

* both Saturday shows and the single show on Sunday are sold out. 

 There is also The AWFUL EGYPTIANS playing it invites you to meet the fascinating Pharaohs,

gasp at the power of the pyramids and discover the foul facts of death and decay with the meanest mummies in Egypt.

Are you ready to rumble with Ramesses the Great? Dare you enter through the Gates of the Afterlife?

It’s the history of Egypt with the nasty bits left in!

I would give this a Star rating of 4/5


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