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Doctor Dolittle Musical

Mark Williams as Doctor Dolittle with Sophie the Seal in DOCTOR DOLITTLE. Credit Alastair Muir

Doctor Dolittle

The UK & Ireland Tour of Leslie Bricusse’s much loved musical Doctor Dolittle.
Based on the popular 1967 film with Rex Harrison.
Which opens at the Churchill Theatre Bromley from 9-24th  November.
and are delighted to announce their support of WWF.
Here is A sneak peek at the rehearsals where we met the cast and creatives.
(and a very lovable dog puppet called Jip).
Doctor Dolittle
Most of us are aware of the Doctor Dolittle film,
and the Remake starring Eddie Murphy as Doctor Dolittle.
The show will feature stunning visuals and fantastic puppetry
and promises to be an evening of spectacular entertainment for all the family.

Doctor Dolittle starring Mark Williams

Most well known for his role in Harry Potter Mr Weasley
The Theatre is delighted to be co-producing this new stage production.
Vicky Entwistle and Brian Capron who starred in Coronation-street.

Synopsis Eccentric Doctor Dolittle

Eccentric Doctor Dolittle embarks on an extraordinary adventure to find the Giant Pink Sea Snail that holds the secret of life and makes the world a happier place.
Helped by his human companions and an exotic menagerie of animal friends,
including the Pushmi-Pullyu and trusty sidekick Polynesia the parrot,
Doctor Dolittle teaches us not only to talk to the animals but to listen to them as well!  
Doctor Dolittle hopes to inspire and educate audiences on the actions they can take to help fight for our world.
Whilst the elusive giant pink sea snail is a creature of fiction,
there are many species today which are becoming a rarer sight to see.
over the past 50 years, there have been huge losses in wildlife in the UK and abroad.
Numbers of iconic species have dropped –
from the skylark and water vole in the UK to polar bears and snow leopards around the world.
The show’s producer, John Stalker, did put the cast through their paces.
They had 4 weeks of intensive puppetry training and choreography.
Seeing the rehearsals and seeing it play was special and an experience many don’t get.
I feel, the cast worked and complimented each other.

The scene changes

Incorporating dance to keep the audience busy whilst the changing of scenes, I admired that

Doctor Dolittle


The puppetry was executed very well the look and the movements were caught as if it was a dog, Jim was so lovable.
The message is a powerful one we need to be kinder to each other
and animals no matter what size or creed.
My rating of the show would be a massive 5

5 stars

If you get the chance to go and see it do! 

To see where They are now, look HERE