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The Gruffalo’s Child Live

the gruffalos child

The Gruffalo’s Child

The Gruffalo’s Child at The Churchill Theatre, Bromley 25th- 28th August.


If you have seen the mesmerising film of The Gruffalo and then moved on to the second film The Gruffalo’s Child you will want to see it on stage!

 Bringing Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s much-loved sequel to life

It was A wild and windy night, the Gruffalo’s Child ignores her father’s warnings about leaving the cave.
as always it takes a while for the Child to fall asleep,
Said she needed a wee and paused and said nope not anymore!
meaning she weed on daddy which made the parents giggle.
when he finally falls asleep
Off on a search for the Big Bad Mouse,
she tiptoes out into the deep dark wood taking her stick man who helps her keep brave!
Following snowy tracks, she encounters three mysterious creatures.
But the big bad Mouse doesn’t Actually Exist.
Or Does he?

You become immersed into the world of The Gruffalo’s Child

There were minimal props and three actors.
this was to not overwhelm children with too many Characters.
The Narrator, Catriona McKenzie, also participated in the story transforming as the mouse.
The show had a great feel and even had references to The StickMan (if you would like to read my review click HERE).
The Gruffalo’s Child Is played by Aletha Burey,
Who brings out a mischievous and confident child.
A little like my Monkey.
I loved the little gestures to include us big kids.
The different ways Andrew Mudie who played The owl, Fox and Snake.
The singing was good with a bouncy feel.
Getting the audience to take part as she progressed Through the Deep Dark Woods,
 in search of the Big Bad Mouse through the snow,
how brave and charismatic as the Gruffalo’s child gets wearier from when she started off.

The Big Bad Mouse

When Each character Describes the Big Bad Mouse they synchronised each move along with –
The big bad mouse is terribly strong                  
And his scaly tail is terribly long.                  
His eyes are like pools of terrible fire           
And his terrible whiskers are tougher than wire
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