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west end theatre 2018-2019 wishlist

West End Theatre wish list 2018 - 2019

WestEnd Theatre Wishlist 2018-2019

I do this as an update for my west end theatre 2018-2019 wishlist since we now have only four months left of 2018, that has really gone so very fast!  Below I have made a list of The West End Theatre Shows I’d love to see.

west end theatre 2018-2019 wishlist


I am a huge fan of Micheal Jackson, we went to get tickets of his last ever performance and didn’t get that chance, I was cheered up by the fact there was always next time, that was until his untimely passing. so to see this would be the closest thing APRIL 2019

The book of Mormon

A curious show  I think because Mormons are an intriguing religion it makes me want to see more. JANUARY 2019

The Lion King

This has been booked a few times in the past two years and I have yet to go see this, love the Disney film! I must watch as I have been told it is amazing and cannot miss it. MARCH 2019

Les Miserables

If you have seen the film and been moved by the acting I literally love this it is an educational and real life, not just a good watch.                                                    MARCH 2019

The King and I

Being brought up watching Musicals and this was one of them so a little Nostalgia for me along with The sound of music (you can see my Review HERE)                                                      FINISHED MISSED!

Tina The Musical

I have to say at one point in my life Tina and Nutbush was magic and a good dance Tune, I like the fact its a biography.  being a people watcher I like to see what other people have done in their lives so watching this would give background to one of the greats 


Knights of the rose

The musical choices are on my list Bon Jovi, Meatloaf, Bonnie Tyler to name a few so this obviously is a must see for me.

                                                   FINISHED MISSED 


My auntie and cousins have seen this and said it was amazing, I also know Olivia over at Rewrite This Story has also said how fantastic it is.


Westend Theatre

Everyone’s talking about Jamie –

Again a must see it’s based on real life, controversial and interesting to know what others go through in their lives, to get where they got to.  APRIL 2019

I’m interested to know what your choice out of my west end theatre

2018-2019 wishlist you would choose? 

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