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Death and what it means?


Are you prepared for the end of life care and are your things in place in preparation for the eventuality of the death? rather then hide away from death as a taboo subject I want to help release the upset of grieving in silence. I’m not about to not talk about what will happen to us all no matter what!

We are not designed to stay here!

                                                                                                 Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

Information Fact:

Across the Greater London region, the death rate is about 9.8 per 1000 per year. The resident population of Greater London is approximately 10.3 million [2016], and so there will be about 101,000 deaths per year. That is 276 per average day.
That said, because we don’t talk about it we hurt more then we should. We talk about babies and birth before they arrive at weddings and other celebrations.

Death and remembrance?

  • how would you like to be remembered?
  • What would that be?
  • And what steps can you make to ensure that happens?
  • Do you have a funeral plan in place?
  • Or life insurance to help cover the costs?

Grieving is hard enough to worry about the other details money and what you would want.
having a look around to see what there is, what is best to go with and start getting things in order,
You don’t want your loved ones to have that added upset.
If you can write letters and leave them in a safe place for your loved ones.  
Take as many pictures, video and voice messages as you can you have no idea how treasured the simple things will be.
So the end and what it means to you we need to focus on the here and now but also plan and organise the inevitable.

Plans and Preparations

Looking into this for myself I will have to contact some funeral parlours and see what plans there are.
I may even show what wake decorations and music is like all these things help  Or also go as far as to get things to store in the attic.

Since my mum passed away 9 weeks ago  Cancer The Fight of our life can be read HERE

asking a few people about making plans for the inevitable? 

This is what they have come up with…
  1. Nikki  blog’s about life since her10-year-old son died HERE
  2. Leigh Over at dadgeek.co.uk For those without a mother… HERE
  3. Steph over at wasthistheplan.com her whole blog (and book) is based around this. her daughter was born with a rare disease and they knew she would die young, what they didn’t expect was that her husband would be diagnosed with terminal cancer leaving Steph widowed with four children.
  4. Claire over at emmysmummy.com wrote about making a Will and  why it’s important to have a medical power of attorney HERE
  5. Kate over at katelili.com wrote this post about taboo around death and speaking about death HERE
  6. Mary at over40andamumtoone.com I haven’t written a post about it but I’ve spoken quite openly about what to do when my parents pass away. 
  7. Rachel over at mycrazybrood.com setting up the power of attorney so that if the worst could happen you could legally make decisions regarding their health and finances without going to court. HERE