BEDM2013 Blog Challenge

BEDM2013 Blogging Challenge  Elizabeth at Rosalilium has created a fab blogging challenge for May   BEDM2013 blogging challenge BEDM2013 blogging challenge with a topic for every day. Some of the topics include ‘day in the life’, ‘first job’, ‘music love’ and ‘secret talent’. It’s going to be so good!  

Here are a few details from Elizabeth:

  • Are you a Blogger?
  • Do you ever suffer from Writer’s Block?
  • Do you sometimes get into a bit of a Blog Rut?
  • Do you need to freshen up your Blog with new content?
Well, you might just want to get involved with my Blog Every Day in May 2013 challenge. For one whole month, every single day I will give you a new topic for you to blog about. Yep, that is 31 days worth of blog posts. Phew! That sounds like a lot, eh? But it’s totally do-able. 
Finally, how will YOU be tackling the challenge?

BEDM2013 Blogging Challenge

You can be as straightforward or as creative as you like.
The aim of the game is to interpret the topics in YOUR own way.
It’s all about finding your voice, finding your inspiration and finding your audience.
Here are a few examples of how you might want to interpret and share about each daily topic:
  • Write
  • Photograph
  • Illustrate
  • Video
  • Collage
  • Bullet points
  • Poem
  • Song
  • Rap
  • Mindmap
  • Get your cat to write it
  • Anything at all!

Days to follow

Day 1 –
Day 2 –
Day 3 –
Day 4 – favourite bloggers
day 5 –  Fit and Healthy
Day 6 –  Bank Holiday Fun
Day 7 – Pets
Day 8 – First Job
Day 10 – Travel Dreams
Day 11 – Book Love
Day 12 –
Day 13 – Go Green!
Day 14 –
Day 16 – Pampering 
Day 17 – walk to work
Day 20 News Flash
Day 21 – Dream Job
Day 22 – 13-year-old You!
Day 23 –  Compliments
Day 24 –
Day 25 –
Day 26 –
Day 27 –
Day 28 –
Day 29 –
Day 30 –
Day 31 –