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My word for 2018 Organised

Word for 2018

My word for 2018 is to get Organised

for 2018 Organised and Structure to my Blogging 

And I hope you get more from my content and feel more inspired to get out and enjoy what the world has on offer!

last year although KK, Moo & Monkey 2 got lots of work.

I found It was here and there with content that flowed and didn’t have a set plan in place,

With the new year beginning, I have done my Annual “My word for 2018 Organised!”

this is where I talk about the 10 strategies in making this effective to execute

2018 My word for the year is getting Organised

My word for 2018 Organised

How am I going to achieve being organised?

Look at successful business people’s routine and adopt a similar approach, Many awake at 4 AM! I know this is unrealistic! so I have made my own Manageable Routine below My word for 2018 is Organised 6:00 am wake up

10 Things that will help things run smoothly

1. Wear similar and simple attire (will be making a capsule wardrobe) 2. Budgeting and meal planning   3. I have created a monthly meal plan that’s interchangeable I am ashamed at how much money was wasted on takeaway’s and not that my weight has shot up. (Now I have a New lovely home I will need to start making use of the room I have now ) 4. A set laundry day for winter take bits to laundrette (saves time and money) service wash 5. Wash up and clean as you go 6. Bulk cook and freeze meals 7. Get 7 sets of clothes for a smoother week – have close to hand 8. Pick up things from each room 9. A Deep clean 10. Enjoy a cleaner and happy flowing home  

Do you have a word for 2018?  I look forward to 12 new chapters and 365 more days to share