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Review: My First Scalextric

my first scalextric

REVIEW: MY FIRST SCALEXTRIC My First Scalextric When The people over at Hornby Hobby said, they were looking for reviews on My First Scalextric it’s aged 3 featuring an easy-to-assemble figure-of-eight track. I thought, how exciting it would be for Monkey to test her Sharing capabilities and to introduce turn taking. I got worried it was a meltdown about to happen BUT when I opened the box, and we assembled the track Nothing happened. We were provided with two rally cars Red and Yellow the main thing was

WHAT colour Monkey and KK going to choose?

My First Scalextric Red was for Monkey, KK would have preferred Blue ( Favourite colour ) then the next step was monkey getting used to the adjustable power hand-controllers which are colour coded in red and yellow to match what car it drives. Always Handy! It didn’t take long for the race to start and the laughter to follow, wait not crying and frustration? My First Scalextric It was enjoyed by us all! we giggled every time the car came off the track ( a little more than on )

After reading about My First Scalextric – Benefits

* Hand/Eye Coordination * Manual Dexterity * Risk-reward thinking * Face to face interaction * Three dimensional * Motor skill development I could see this in Monkey and not only that she shared took turns with KK and wanted to play together something I initially didn’t think was possible just yet. I very much enjoyed zipping around the track I know my dad can’t wait to have ago as well. Given that the first Scalextric appeared in the late 1950s it has been a firm home favourite for many families. My First Scalextric is compatible with our Micro Scalextric range of sets and cars, allowing you to extend your track and add new vehicles – the possibilities are endless! I remember my uncle had a massive Scalextric in his loft that would be dad and him gone most of the day racing around. If you would like to Buy click here More information on the tech specs and key features at the following click here: I’d Love to know your thoughts, have you got a Scalextric or fond memories? I love to read your comments]]>