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Our House opens at the Churchill Theatre Bromley as part of its tour of London! Casey Street with steel works and a few doors, to the Prison centre stage, our house sign lit up. On the night of his sixteenth birthday, Joe Casey commits a petty crime in a bid to impress the girl of his dreams, Sarah by breaking into Pressman Development Flats. When the police arrive he faces a life-changing decision;         does he stay and own up like an honest man, or make his escape and go on the run? Suggs from Madness, at first was unsure if the hit songs could combine into a story I grew up with ‘Baggy Trousers’ blaring out the windows. For me it’s nostalgic, I never thought of it as a story of someone’s life so seeing Jason Kajdi who plays Joe Casey, starting out as a young sweet sixteen wanting to Impress his new girlfriend. He’s a good lad, but like his dad whose life choices weren’t so appealing, Joe wanted better for himself! Who could blame him? Deena Payne as Mum I had only ever seen her as Viv Hope in Emmerdale. so seeing a different role was a welcome change. I love how the dad played by Callum McArdle is a shadow in the show as the good angel on the shoulder trying to will his son to make better choices then he did, his Vocals amazing. We get to see sliding doors of what if What if Joe Casey stayed and admitted he was in the wrong what would happen? Our House

if he ran away the outcome would it be?

as he would hope or will it all be him turning out like his ‘low life Dad’ to which he describes himself. Our House Get Nostalgic for me

Our house

Baggy trousers

My girls Mad At Me

Tim Firth wrote the script for our house and collaborating with James Tobias the Director made it a heartwarming and emotive show to watch Fabian Aloise choreography I loved how much energy Fabian put into the cast and how everyone was in sync with each other, no one seemed to miss a beat David Shields set and costume designer I have to say at some points I did think there was a double for Joe Casey as the swapping and changing in literal seconds from the good v bad path was astounding seemingly too complex for a live show but it was done to perfection!!

5 stars

                                                                                       I have to give this show 5/5

My thoughts at the end were willing for a Happy Ending and hoping whatever happened all would be safe and well; my heart wrenched to see the honesty that portrays petty crime which indeed shouldn’t have caused so much upset to Joe Casey and his family. The impact seemingly small things would cause such a massive ripple I couldn’t stay seated it had me on edge wanting to know more, and I wanted to dance to my favourite Madness Tracks. The acting and collaboration between the whole team were fantastic not forgetting the lighting and music indeed made it come together.

You can see the show in Bromley Churchill Theatre until


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