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Out Of Order Theater Review

Out of order Feature

Ray Cooney’s Out Of Order 

I was lucky to get the chance to see Ray Cooney’s latest show Out Of Order.
Starring Susie Amy from footballers wives,
Sue Holderness who is known for her role in only fools and horses Marleen,
Shaun Williamson is best known for his role in Eastenders (Barry),
And James Holmes knew for being in Miranda.
Out of order is based in the Westminster Hotel, The stage was set up as the hotel room rather spacious large lounge area,
a small cloakroom bedroom and an ensuite.
And a rather dodgy sash window and a balcony.

My thoughts 

Out Of Order

the fluidity of the actors I think Jeffrey Harmer who played Richard ‘Dicky’ Willey did so well in remembering what he was transpiring to the audience. I was half expecting him to get confused but did really well in keeping us all up with what was unravelling on stage. When Richard Willey (Jeffrey Harmer), a Government Junior Minister, plans to spend the evening with Jane Worthington (Susie Amy), one of the Opposition’s typists, in the Westminster Hotel, things go disastrously wrong – beginning with the discovery of a body trapped in the hotel’s only unreliable sash window. Desperately trying to get out of an incredibly sticky situation, Richard calls for his secretary. George Pigden (Shaun Williamson) who, through Richard’s lies sinks further and further into trouble with everybody. Ends up going through an identity crisis. Things go from bad to worse with the arrival of Jane’s distraught young husband and with the addition of an unscrupulous waiter (James Holmes), a frustrated Hotel Manager (Arthur Bostrom), Mrs Willey (Sue Holderness) and Nurse Foster – things come to a head! They incorporated the latest Politicians and local area into the script cleaver and had the audience laughing, ‘poor Mavey wavey’. James Holmes was particularly amusing and reminded me of Manwell from Fawlty Towers. in his ability to act dumb but sneakily clever as the show progressed ‘ah hem’.

Out Of order’s storyline

cleverly constructed and has the odd ‘ooh err’ moments with lots of giggles. The cast blended so well as a team even at the difficult moments they still kept it going was cleverly portrayed. Out Of Order

I would Rate the show 4/5


Remaining Dates and venues

26 June – 1 July OXFORD New Theatre 0844 871 3020  

3 – 8 July SWANSEAGrand Theatre 0179 247 5715  

10 – 15 July SOUTHENDPalace Theatre 0 70 235 1135  

17 – 22 July NOTTINGHAMTheatre Royal 0115 989 5555