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Shawn Mendes Illuminate World tour

Shawn Mendes Illuminate World Tour

Shawn Mendes Illuminate World Tour Shawn Mendes Illuminate World Tour Shawn Mendes Illuminate World Tour, Canadian singer-songwriter on his 2nd June 2017, at the 02 Arena London, Being a first for KK, Her first ever concert and it was Shawn Mendes Illuminate World Tour. She loves “treat you better” “Mercy”, and “ruin”. sadly we hadn’t heard many of his Illuminate CD Album only what’s played in the charts, we often sing along in the car volume just shy of 20. There was A lot of security due to recent events; I will skim over this as I have to show acknowledgement to the tragic loss and the results. It saddens me that anyone would suicide bomb an event even more so one that young people would be attending, In Manchester at Ariana Grande’s concert, someone felt the need to commit this atrocious act leaving 22 souls lost in the process. My heart is with the family and friends that are going through this turmoil at this time. Ariana-onelovemanchester Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes.2 Shawn Mendes.3  

Songs sang Were

1. ruin 2. Mercy 3. Treat you better 4. Three empty words 5. Don’t be a fool 6. Like this 7. No promises 8. Lights on 9. Honest 10. Patience 11. Bad reputation 12. Understand 13. Hold on 14. Roses 15. Mercy ( Acoustic)

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