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Teletubbies: Tubby Snowball Christmas DVD [ review]


Teletubbies Tubby SnowBall We were recently sent the new Teletubbies: Tubby Snowball Christmas DVD to review. As expected arrives safe and unbroken when opening the package monkeys eyes lit up and let a shriek out in delight when setting her eyes on the cover. Monkey is non-verbal and says few words, so to see her facial expressions light up was reassuring to know she wanted Teletubbies on there and then, well, 1 hour and 12 mins later of ahh and little giggles from time to time and oh ooh to noo-noo she loves noo-noo we have purchased a Hoover for her birthday as when she see it advertised on television she would go mad screaming at the screen. Pointing with excitement. She hasn’t been very well with hand foot and mouth,   so thankfully this review came at a fantastic timing.   She enjoyed watching it thoroughly and even mimicked some of the movements the Teletubbies did, the blowing of horn and sucking noises noo-noo makes. Reassuring to know 10 years after Kk was born Teletubbies still can mesmerise little ones with their baby in the sun, ahhhhh” monkey says while patting her tummy as if to say (ah baby). Teletubbysnow Teletubbies: Tubby Snowball Features six new episodes Out on DVD October 31 Synopsis It’s a cold day in Teletubby land and snow falls in the Teletubbies! Join Tinky Winky, Dipsy Laa-Laa and Po as they find big snowballs, dance with a snowman and watch the children make a caterpillar one out of snow. Contains six brand-new episodes including ‘snowball’. Bonus features include We wish you a Merry Christmas Behind the scenes for grown-ups: building the set I think this is a very endearing DVD set to keep your little people amused and have that quiet time for an hour or six- if your child like monkey likes repeatedly watching over and over. It will keep them quiet, occupied and educational value.]]>