#Blogtober16 Blog Roll

Blogtober16 Blog Roll   

I thought To show some love to the other Blogtober16 Bloggers that are taking part that I should do a Blog Roll
Not a perfect mum Me becoming a mum Pondering parenthood One of each me and mine Becster The mum diaries Planet jodie Teddy bears and Cardigans The herminan house    

If you would like to see my 31 Days to Blogtober16 

Day 1  – Who Are You?
Day 2 – A Photo Of  You 
Day 3- If I Won The Lottery I Would
Day 4- Share A Secret About Yourself
Day 5 What Career Did You Have Planned As A Child?
Day 6 Favourite Birthday/ Christmas Present 
Day 7 What Made You Start Blogging
Day 8 Favourite Television Programmes 
Day 9 Films You Never Get Sick Of Watching
Day 10 one thing you cant live without 
Day 11 What’s your Favourite Animal
Day 12 Whats in my Handbag
Day 13 Whats In my Fridge
Day 14 Meaning Behind My Blog Name
Day 15 Time Line Of Your Day 
Day 16 Piercings And Tattoos 
Day 17 Favourite  Concert You Have Attended
Day 18 Zodiac Sign And Does It Fit
Day 19 Ten Favourite foods 
Day 20 5 Cool Things About Where You Live
Day 21 What Am I Afraid Of?
Day 22 My Biggest Accomplishments?
Day 23 Favourite Time Of The Year?
Day 24 Which Disney Character?
Day 25 Which SuperPower?
Day 26 Top Ten Songs
Day 27 Place Most Like To Visit
Day 28 Favourite Instagram Photograph 
Day 29 Three Confessions 
Day 30 A letter To Somebody 
Day 31  Halloween