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Sunny Afternoon The Kinks ( Review )

Sunny Afternoon The Kinks

Sunny Afternoon The Kinks I was so lucky to be able to go and see The Kinks A sunny Afternoon, I was so excited to see this I was born in the 80’s but a few of the songs I remember from listening to at family parties and in the kitchen, while mum was cooking.

The Kinks A sunny Afternoon review

The amazing show blew me away it was like watching the real thing. the characters were fantastic I loved how it portrayed their lives back in that day in age the money was needed desperately. Sunny Afternoon The Kinks Also how Ray Davies was able to speak his feelings via song due to his stutter, the history added made me feel apart of that! As always with musicals, it takes you through the highs and lows of their mental health and mental state. The Kinks A sunny Afternoon Dave, I have to say blinding actor choice I love the quirkiness of him just made you giggle with things he came out with. I’ve even fallen in love with a few more of their songs I initially thought was sung by the Beatles. The Kinks A sunny Afternoon

Simply Beautiful, mesmerising just powerful!

Just go have a great evening!  

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