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Baby Swimming Confidence Class with Fusion

Baby Swimming Confidence Class with Fusion I and Evie were so lucky to be chosen to take part in the Baby Swimming Confidence Class with Fusion. Upon arrival, we met with the Fusion team and the other lovely bloggers and babies- cuteness overload! It was explained what was going to happen in our session and I haven’t as yet written about this but it’s an upside to bringing it out now! Evie is 22 months old, and suspected Non-verbal, as she is not speaking as much as her peers at this age. I had been concerned for some time and was told to wait a little longer before going further. So I waited and then I couldn’t wait anymore, the meltdowns were getting too much, not only did we have the terrible twos in the house but molars as well. She hasn’t been walking very long, four months at the very least we were then able to see a Paediatric who said that my suspicions were correct. However, diagnosis cannot be finalised until further assessments were taken, ok, that’s fair, all evidence is needed before giving a full Label on her. I do not see a label as a bad thing it helps the understanding process as well as obtaining the help and support needed. Global Development Delay was mentioned,


and she was positive Autism is also there, but again there are assessments that need to be done first. I had noticed Evie isn’t as affectionate towards me as she once was, so one day I wanted a long bath, but as I only had a shower. Myself and Evie got some of her toys and sat with the steady flow of the water running over us and she loved it. I was washing her, and she wanted to wash me just at that point she looked at me, smiled and gave me a kiss and sat on my lap for a cuddle. I believe that water therapy helped with this, I think this is the reason I wanted to give the baby swimming confidence class a try! Once we were changed and walked through to the area, underfloor heating mmm cosy the temperature was lovely. Ok in honesty I have blown away at the Glass Mill Leisure Centre, I hadn’t been entirely inside the building before until now other than to enquire at reception. The lifeguard was instructed to change the height of the swimming pool floor, OK wait, what? Yes, they adjusted the height to what was required for baby swim class, WOW is all I’ve got to say about that! Baby Swimming Confidence Evie didn’t like to wait for the floor to adjust and was wanting to get in the water. So to calm her down we sat on the side and dipped our feet in while he was finishing the process. Seeing her face light up when we were able to get in, she splashed with happiness.Baby Swimming Confidence Our instructor explained what we were to do and the reason behind why we were doing these crazy things   Watch out for Part 2 – HERE   KK,moo&monkey2]]>