#BEDM13 Day 14 Food Glorious Food

#BEDM Day 14 Food Glorious Food Today’s prompt for  BEDM13 Day 14 Food Glorious Food Share your favourite recipe, Talk about the best cocktail you’ve ever tasted Or maybe share your fave restaurant experience. Lets talking about food!

Oh well if we’re talking cocktails will have to be a banana daiquiri, simply delicious and leaves you wanting more, I think the home recipe is a better option as it sets your bank balance back a tad.
The restaurant never really been to many but another bucket list item is to at least try a restaurant and a theatre trip. Two in one hehe.
A curry house, I love love love Onion Bhajis!
naan and either lamb Rogan josh or Chicken tikka masala
Food Glorious Food
Lamb Rogan Josh
 20 green cardamom pods
 10 whole cloves
 2 cinnamon sticks 4 tbs rogan josh curry powder 1 tbs coriander seeds
1 tbs cumin seeds
3 onions diced
2.5 cm knob of ginger diced – would use paste
3 cloves purple garlic diced
2 kg of leg/sirloin lamb chops
2 tins tomatoes or I would use passata
 recipe credit here 
I look forward to seeing your comments