#BEDM2013 Day 22 13 year old You!

#BEDM2013 Day  22 13-year-old You!

If you could talk to your 13-year-old self, what would you say?
Dear Clarissa,
you may not think it now and I know you don’t believe me which now me looking back as a 30-year-old, makes me wish for you to listen more to your mum, do not be the class clown and be stupid it’s not clever and your not achieving anything behaving stupidly, secondary school is damn hard but who cares what the girls say you know what you and your family just smile and don’t take the crap they dish, hit back.. Don’t stop judo get your confidence and don’t let the girls get to you; as now knowing they had their own issues and are truly sorry for how you were miss treated by them. Being mothers themselves now and worry for there children.
Also, you are fine the way you are eating better meals don’t starve yourself it will cause so many problems later in life trust me.
Don’t rush things and don’t worry so much, and don’t get loans out! you will thank me later.
This is hard without going into to much detail about my life; of which I can share
pay attention to those that are their family, as friends come and go, don’t get close and you won’t get burned.