#BEDM13 Day 20 Newsflash

#BEDM13 Day  20 Newsflash

Talk about something that is in the news today.
A devastating mile-wide tornado hit the US state of Oklahoma on Monday, flattening neighbourhoods, causing widespread fires and landing a direct hit on an elementary school.
Homes and buildings were reduced to rubble in Moore, south of Oklahoma City. Cars were strewn across roadways, and entire blocks were flattened. The local medical examiner’s office said 51 people had died, including seven children. The National Weather Service said the storm measured an EF-4 on the enhanced Fujita scale, the second most-powerful type of tornado. President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in Oklahoma. The state governor, Mary Fallin, deployed 80 National Guard members to assist with recovery operations as fears grew that many children would be among the dead. “Hearts are broken,” Fallin told a news conference. Hospitals were treating more than 120 people, including 70 children. Some were in a critical condition. The storm struck in a part of the US known as Tornado Alley. Amateur video footage showed a dark funnel of cloud snaking across the landscape, flattening buildings in its path and scattering debris over the streets. Winds reached speeds of 200mph. My thoughts are with everyone at this awful time and know as a community they will rally around and rebuild a new. “natural” disasters happen, and lives are lost, but donations come in and its great to help the cause.   News report from