BEDM2013 Day 13 Go Green!

#BEDM Day  13 Go Green!

Talk about being green, eco-friendly or ethical. What do you do to make a difference?

Being green is a good way to go, only recently have the council evoked us to separate our waste from non-recyclable to recyclable making bins for recyclable waste to be easier to separate.
I do think this is a good idea but don’t see currently how it’s improving the way we live, prices haven’t come down, most items we buy now are made from recyclable littler.
with this you would expect the costs to be lowered but no.
Still, we continue to do this none the less, I have thought about beachcombing along the Thames.
I think this would be educational to ladybug to see what happens when littler is thrown or left on the streets.
when I was younger I went to Brugge for the day Belgium let me tell you how amazed I was at how clean and clear it was and the air oh my was amazing.
I’d love to go back again and see if it is still the same and show KK that hard work and clean air is out there.