BEDM2013 Day 11 Book Love

#BEDM2013 Day  11 Book Love

The books that changed your life?

Book’s that changed my life 
1. John Grey 
men are from mars women are from Venus
from which I gained an understanding of relationships
and to work out difficulties and overcome my insecurities,
and things with me and Mr are loads better.
2. Katie Price  

Jordan: Pushed To The Limit

Jordan Pushed To The Limit Book
her book hit a chord,
realised I’d been suffering postnatal depression and helped me admit I had needed help and fast.
without that book being open and honest I can’t imagine what I would be doing now.
3.  Jane Scrivner detox your Mind 
Jane Scrivner detox your Mind Book
This is not your usual detox plan it’s focusing on your mind and dreams,
breaking barriers taking risks out of your comfort zone.
I should redo this again and see where I end up hehe.
And blog about it hmm there’s an idea.