BEDM2013 7 & 8

#BEDM Day  7 Pets

Tell us all about your pets, past and/or present.
Aww pets I’ve had LOADS, dogs, cats, birds,pigeons, stick insects, butterfly’s, fish,rabbits, all in my life I have had animals I call my dad dr Dolittle as he has a love for animals, my place currently is small for a dog, but currently we have platys, plecos and silverfish ?
Two platys had fry equals to 22 but one passed away. 8big fish and 21 small babies, there cold water fish oh and a red lipped snail who is blinking fast, nice of an evening to watch them all play around in the current. My favourite fish is pleco he’s called Eric/Erica it’s to small to sex at the moment, the other fish are easy to sex.
My Eric on the left, and paty with her Fry on the right.
would love to hear about you and your pets, no matter how strange and wacky


#BEDM Day  8 First Job

 Tell us about your first job. Did you love it or was it horrendous?
This is hard as I can’t remember if it was when I did my two week job  thing with the school, where I worked in perry grove residential home, I was an activity co-ordinator, my job was to get the elderly ladies and gents active and having fun this would include talking, playing games or exercise, as much as I enjoyed this the realisation of what happens in time was very upsetting, I made friends with a lovely lady called Ethel who talked about her war time experience and life, over the course of the week seeing her everyday to go in and her suddenly not remember me left me sobbing and very upset.
Changed my view of the elderly not all of them are rude, they have their principles and values we just don’t have today.
I worked with a lovely lady called Theresa.
From there I did a Saturday job in a charity shop, I was around the age of 13 my job was to tidy up donations and keep the floor area clear.. Working here didn’t last long just Wasn’t enjoyable.
How about you and your job ??