BEDM Day 5 & 6

#BEDM2013 Day  5  Fit and Healthy

What do you do to stay fit or be a healthy individual? Share any useful tips and advice. Or tell us about your plans to get healthier.
Wow, this one is important as I need to focus on my health a little more and not give in to the naughty temptation of cola and junk food..
Remember my body is a temple..
And the no pain no gain,
I have even gone as far to go under the knife in the aim of being slimmer,
that was 2005 8 years later and I’m looking back thinking I’d kill to have the body I had then NOW!
So Weight Watchers it is I know it works and I have given myself 10 months (till I’m 31) to drop this weight and get back on track.
I know it’s hard work that pays off and I have a wardrobe of clothes I’m dying to look fab in again!!

#BEDM Day  6 Bank Holiday Fun

It’s a long weekend! What are your favourite ways to enjoy the extra long weekend off work?
Well bank holiday starts with a nice long walk up the hill,  and KK had her scooter so she had a ball, took some snaps of the National Maritime Museum, and Greenwich park to let KK burn off some energy and tire her out, she enjoyed it a lot.
we also took a walk near the Cutty sark and there was a yummy market of chocolate goodies.
I shall blog about this as it was a fab day and needs to show what Greenwich is about .