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Autumn Fall Bucket List

Autumn Bucket List

Autumn Fall Bucket List Hasn’t it gone so fast I can’t believe it is Autumn ALREADY! so I have made an Autumn Fall Bucket List too try with the girls Now is the time for getting some positivity for the colder weather A5 Autumn Fall Bucket List

  1. Pumpkin Picking
  2. Corn Maze
  3. DIY a spiced pumpkin latte 
  4. Go apple picking
  5. hunt for conkers
  6. Make caramel apple slices
  7. make an autumnal terrain
  8. theatre shows 
  9. Harry Potter themed meal
  10. make a wand
  11. play conker-smash
  12. go for a Gruffalo trail 
  13. watch Hocus Pocus
  14. bonfire night and Fireworks 
  15. Take a road trip 
  16. DIY an autumnal wreath 
  17. plan a month of batch cooking
  18. Burn a festive candle
  19. run in leaves
  20. make ginger pumpkin biscuits 
  21. make a tuff tray 
  22. create some artwork 
  23. meditate daily
  24. take a walk on a beach
  25. go to a festival or party 
  26. Try a new recipe
  27. Harry Potter Marathon
  28. walk three times a week  
A selection of outdoor fun and DIY’s to try for the new season, I think I shall have to implement a Bucket list every month

I have made myself an Autumn Fall Bucket List and I have made it free for you to Download if you wish.


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