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Hi, and welcome to KK Moo and Monkey Too

A place to inspire parents of children with additional needs, and reassure and help them find the information to make life just that bit easier. As a parent of special needs children, I know how difficult life can sometimes feel and my aim is to share our journey with you!


I’m Clarissa, I’m 36-year-old, mum to two girls.  

Our Family

My first born is Keira (KK), and she is 13 years old.

My second daughter is Evie (Monkey), and she is 4 years old. Keira was born in 2006. 

She absolutely loves Minecraft, drawing and dramatics. 

Evie was born in 2014 and is a huge fan of Paw Patrol, baths and bubbles. Both girls love a bit of slime as well – much to my delight! 

If you’d like to find out more about us, and follow our journey further you can:

  • Find us on Facebook where we post updates, pictures and general chat about life.
  • Check out our Instagram feed for regular photos of our goings-on.
  • Join in with my Twitter chat, where I chat about everything from autism, reviews and days out and everything in between!

or you can find me on Pinterest 


Brands I have Had The Pleasure Of Working With

Clarissa is a complete pleasure to work with. She is friendly, professional, and always produces great content which resonates with her audience Emma Mountain

A refreshing online destination that offers a unique variety of health, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment news to inspire us all. I had the pleasure of being featured on Clarissa’s website when she invited me over for an author interview. Her questions were insightful and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a guest on her blog. Have a visit and enjoy!

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